Keep Life Fresh

During the winter months our lives have a tendency to become a little stale. Usually it happens because of the colder temperatures, dreary days, sickness, shorter daylight hours and less overall activity, therefore, our spirit has a tendency to go into hibernation. Consequently we are apt to get a little blue and stale in our spiritual life.

Then spring arrives. We begin to see new and fresh life sprouting, blossoming and eventually coming into bloom. Just the sight of new life energizes us and for some reason we experience a new and different attitude. That part of us that had become stale has become fresh; there is a new spring in our step. Suddenly sadness has turned into gladness.

Though I may not always pull this off, I believe life should always be fresh. I believe that freshness in my physical and mental life is dependent upon how fresh my spiritual life is at any given moment. Though we may walk with a spring in our step when we experience the beauty of spring, I believe when we experience the beauty of the resurrection of Jesus Christ during the Easter season it will put a spring in the step of our spiritual life.

“Therefore we are buried with Him by baptism into his death: that like as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we should WALK IN NEWNESS OF LIFE.” Rom 6:4

Even though we may grow old physically, there is no reason why we should grow old spiritually. We should always walk in newness of life. In other words KEEP LIFE FRESH.

If you have been growing stale spiritually, I would challenge you to take the next few weeks during the Easter season and allow God to give you a new and fresh makeover. Have the same DESIRE to know Christ and the POWER of His resurrection as the Apostle Paul did in Philippians 3:10. This resurrection life has power to energize us to walk in newness of life and to be FRESH in every area of our every day lives.

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