I guess I have really been frustrated lately. I have been letting people get under my skin. That means they irritate or annoy me. I probably don’t have to explain this; you already know what I am talking about.
The other day I was at the bank wanting some information about what had happened to the escrow that was in a relative’s mortgage. The lady was trying to give me answers to questions I wasn’t even asking. I was like, listen, just hear me out first, okay?
Later that day the telephone rings, and of course, it was a telemarketer wanting to sell me something. I said no thanks I am not interested. He started in on me again and I said I think I just said no I am not interested. Well, maybe my voice was a little more harsh than what it is in this blog.

I wonder what my problem is. Maybe I am tired or could be getting old or not sleeping well or as some might say getting senile.

Then it dawned on me that it might be a spiritual problem. I have been teaching on GRACE for the last four months in my Bible Class. The last few lessons have been on extending grace to other people. As I look back on the two examples I have written about I got the thinking that I certainly did not extend grace to these two individuals. I guess before I acted or reacted to these two individuals I should have let a little space go by before I said what I did. I guess I would call this GRACE SPACE. In other words just enough time or space to let GRACE kick in so that I could give to them a little bit of what God has given me.
Of course you might say “they don’t deserve grace”. Yes, that is the idea about grace it is something we do not deserve.
Did I deserve grace from God? Absolutely not, but that is what God has given to me even though I did not deserve it and He expects me to extend to other people the same grace that He has given to me even though they do not deserve that grace.


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